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Top Priorities

Our 4J schools and school board have lost their way. I’m an Oregon public school kid, a parent of five public school children, a foster parent, and the husband of a public school teacher. I’m running for school board because I’m fed up with the divisive politics replacing real educational success.


Cultivate Academic Excellence

There is nothing excellent or equitable about 45% math and 55% reading at grade level or an 82% graduation rate (PublicSchoolReview.com, 2023). Not good enough for our kids.

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The Ins and Outs of School Boards

Oregon's Education System Needs a New Breath


Require Curriculum Accountability

Teach the Basics. Classrooms are not the place for political activists to force divisive ideological and extreme sexual viewpoints on our kids.


Restore Learning Environment

Work to support administrators to guarantee classrooms are not dominated by chronic disruption so teachers can teach and learners can excel.

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What I Want for Our Schools

SB 819 isn't the Right Approach to Oregon's Education Process


Safeguard Classrooms

Return School Resource Officers. The safety, security, and well-being of our students and teachers have been sacrificed. Bring back the blue in our high schools.

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Bring Back Police in Our School Before It's Too Late


Rebuild Board Credibility

End the dysfunction and disregard for parents on display at Board Meetings. It’s time for responsive, accountable leadership that listens to parents and delivers results.

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Demanding an End to Dysfunction in the District